Chris B and has been doing music since (Feb 28, 2000) he has released five albums back to back,he worked with Strange Music,to which other similar rappers are also signed to. He is known for having one of the most popular and different styles in the industry. Chris B was published in hip-hop weekly magazine July,18,2016 with his huge hit Only Human Feat. Krizz Kaliko from Strange music breifly right after making it on MTV. He has also performed similar tasks for fellow labelmates Twisted insane and Charlie Ray. in 2011 Chris B was published in a book called The Book Of dale Lytle. 2015-11-13 Chris B was published on Vevo with multiple music videos. also hitting radio stations like Spotifyiheartradio on 2010-jan-15. also a short time after being published by faygoluvers on 2017-march-3 . shortly right after Chris B became verified on most social platforms like Facebook , Genius , Spotify , Bandsintown , musixmatch and many more, he made a huge impact in his career toward his dream and is still on the uprise. Chris B grew huge and fast all over all platforms including Youtube  , soundcloud  and Itunes publishing his first official album Chris B Reborn in 2015. Recently Chris B came out with his newest Album on April 30, 2018 Chris B Top Hits [10]. Ranking the charts on itunes [11] and all over social media.

Since than all Five Chris B albums have been published and released on MTV  . 

Personal Life

Christopher was born and raised in Sun Valley, Los Angeles , California. By the age of 8 he had begun writing rhymes, and has said that after his first live performance he was overwhelmed with emotion from the euphoric experience, and "immediately became addicted to performing live" He left home and began travelling around the United States, going from place to place and selling albums of his music for the money he needed for food and accommodation. When his first album, Chris B, came out in 2002, he was homeless at the time.



Chris B Reborn

Chris B Reborn PT.2

Chris B Chris B

Chris B 4 A.M

Chris B Top Hits

Awards and Nominations 

Year Awards Category 2014 Reverbnation Local Top 3 Hip Hop / Rap 2015 ReverbNation National Top 3 Hip Hop / Rap 

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